How to monitor Bar employees using Artificial Intelligence

Completely monitor bar employees using our robust infrastructures. Quickly extend revolutionary accurate visual analytics using artificial intelligence solutions.

How to monitor Bar employees using Artificial Intelligence

Technology That Gives you better control

Bevcounter almost ‘self-drives’, building smart worklfows for you, which, when combined with a powerful and flexible ai auditing tool, automates the counting of drinks for your bar and restaurant.

30% of bar revenue goes unrealized every year

Bevcounter can reduce waste and lost revenue by automatically counting every drink prepared 24/7. Our software does not take breaks, its contantly counting every drink prepared.

Prevent Drinking on the Job

Bevcounter detects when bartenders are drinking on the job. This helps increase safefy and reduces liablity within the workplace.

Provide increased Visibility of your bar

Bevcounter uses video analytics to monitor your bar and provides that information in the form of advance reporting to show you how many drinks have been prepared per hour by which bartender.