Loss prevention technology for bars, restaurants and nightclubs

Reduce loss and increase profits by analyzing your video footage using our advanced ai software.

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Robotic Drink Counter

Our software is able to start counting drinks in real-time..


We use Machine Learning to train our Ai Models to differentiate different glasses so we can provide reports..


Robotic Drink Counter that uses artificial intelligence software to count drinks in real-time.


We provide smart reports with timestamps of each drink being prepared. We also provide videos of each drink for more accurate reporting.

Advanced Auditing

The Core Software using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Simply point the camera at the intended area and start auditing your bar area more efficiently.

  • IP Camera

    All we need is an IP Camera on your network.

  • Computer

    Simply install our software on any computer on your network and we will connect to your IP Camera.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Sign into your Dashboard or download the app and start getting reports generated from our ai.

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